My name is William.... My name is William Krogh.... My name is William Krogh Lundsgaard! I am 54 years old. Danish. I have been a passionated pipe smoker for about 30 years. During the past couple of years being a  test smoker at Mac-Baren's Tobacco Company I have become more and more interested in the pipe's history, the individual brands and the Danish pipe makers. My interests has lead me to create this homepage where I wish to present and sell used quality pipes at reasonable prices.

All pipes are carefully examined for failures and defects (if any are found it will be noted in the description of the pipe). Further the pipes are all cleaned, bored out, disinfected and polished.

What you will find here on this site is of course just a small number of the many (800-1000) pipes I have for sale. So if you are in search of a particular brand/model you are always welcome to contact me or even better come and visit me. 

I can also service you with a renewal of your own "tired" pipes. Send or bring them, and after a cleaning, disinfection and polish, they will be like new and you will experience much more pleasure when smoking!

Other interests that makes my life good is art, gardening and motor bikes.

I hope you will enjoy looking through these pages 

William Krogh Lundsgaard.

My address: Møllevej 34a Ulbølle 5762 V-Skerninge FYN Denmark

Tlf. nr.: +45 62 24 46 10     

Mail add: skovbrynet2@godmail.dk

or: william.jorgen.lundsgaard.jacobsen@svendborg.dk

Ebannr: DK6008158159701256   Swiftcode: VESBDK22