M's Unique Boxes2



M worked more than 20 years for Stanwell, Borup, as an high  ranking employed.

Through these many years M managed to collect some very rare and precios pipes.

All pipes are produced in a very few numbers, some of the shapes have never been on the market!

These are the very best of the pipes.

M has made the boxes himself. Every box is made especially for the specific pipes.......And have asked me to put these Jewels on the marked.

This is only the VERY BEST of what Stanwell did through the many years, so take care of these historic boxes!

Stanwell Bamboo.....999 euro:

Stanwell Double Bamboo: There are produced 63 pieces in 1996!

Stanwell Black Bamboo: There are produced approx. 300 pieces, every induvidual numbered in 2007-2008

Stanwell Brown Bamboo: There are produced approx. 600-800 pieces.

Stanwell Lighter: Never seen before!

Stanwell Stamper: Cumberland with brass S and crown!