At the moment I have some problem with: *How to buy* ....So please use my ordinaire mail-adress : skovbrynet2@ofir.dk


SALE rest of the month:

-10% on all (except pipes in comission)

-15% on GJ, OD


Update: 16-08-16:



Update: 22-08-16:

UN: 43, 55, 64.

DU: 48, 58.

20: 102.

OR: 16.

ME: 16.

ST: 404.

SA: 24, 25.




( The last pipes from his skill hands!)

NP: 288-316.

MUB : 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update: 01-09-16

A: 101,103, 107, 121, 125. ST: 13, 18, 107.

ME: 12. 20: 105. OE: 88, 90, 91.


Update: 08-09-16

PP: 5, 9. NØ: 14, 15. BBB: 14. OE: 92, 93, 94. GJ: 112.

ST: 47, 52. SA: 26, 31, 32, 37. OD: 108, 111, 217. CC: 19.

Update: 09-09-16

OE: 103, 104, 105, 106. DU: 38. BBB: 17, 19.

UN: 66, 67. ST: 55, 58. BC: 16. ME: 31.





Introducing the Sir Oliver Series (KT)

In celebration of Estatebriarpipes.dk 6th Anniversary and to express my gratitude to an ever growing number of friends that have made this journey a reality, I am honoured to introduce an exclusive line of pipes; the Sir Oliver.


M*s Unique Boxes:

M worked more than 20 years for Stanwell, Borup, as an high ranking employed.

Through these many years M managed to collect some very rare and precios pipes.

All pipes are produced in a very few numbers, some of the shapes have never been on the market!

These are the very best of the pipes.

M has made the boxes himself. Every box is made especially for the specific pipes.......And have asked me to put these Jewels on the marked.

This is only the VERY BEST of what Stanwell did through the many years, so take care of these historic boxes!


A Very large (1500) and lovely pipe-collection I was allowed to buy.

It will be put for sale, time after time, during this year....The pipes will be showed at the site as I found them, but every one will be cleaned/polished before sale.........Of course.....Long live LIV!



Dear Friends

Some VERY RARE Stanwell pipes

All UInsmoked (see MUB7)


... here to a world of tobacco pipes....( A place to STOP, when you PASS ......!)